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Together we can MAKE AN IMPACT

Take some time to explore how we can make a difference, read something interesting, and feel free to reach out if you would like to sponsor a workshop or collaborate on a project together.

Our STEM Outreach Workshop Initiative

Our workshops are fully sponsored by us and no children or organisation for the underprivileged has to pay anything.


We bring the kits which include all materials required for the session and some extra materials the children can carry home to experiment on their own. We always include a small snack.

Our workshops are held for grades 4th and 5th but we have held some sessions for even older grade 8th children as well. We can adapt as per the we believe it's never too young or too old to enjoy the magic of STEM.

We suggest maximum of 25 children in one group for personalised hands-on experience. And yes we do back to back workshops on the same day.

The time required for each session is 1 hour. But usually, the kids enjoy themselves so much that they never want it to finish.

The children do 3 hands-on experiments with different concepts like Acids & bases, static electricity, circuits, air pressure, and even some hard to grasp concepts like density!

We believe we can make a difference in bridging a big gap! Help us...sponsor us!

Our Workshop at KHUSHII Shikshaantara Plus

at Sangam Vihar

Our Workshop at Samarpan Foundation Education Project

at Lohaar Basti, Kotla, Delhi



Sponsor a STEM experiential learning workshop for the underprivileged. For our Outreach workshops we take Stem kits which the kids can use in the workshop and take home to experiment on their own.



Our goal for selling our DIY Science kits is not profit but is to raise money for donating Lab equipment to schools or organizations for the underprivileged. Help us and be an enabler.



Share your knowledge and experience. Guide us or better still vollenteer to do a session with underprivileged kids. Train future generation scientists.

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